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Canada Line (RAV) Update


The Canada Line Project is inviting the public to participate in the next phase of community consultation for the Canada Line — the Detailed Design Consultation for stations. You are invited to attend an open house to learn more about the South Cambie section of the Canada Line, including station character and design and to provide your comments. This section includes stations at King Edward Avenue, 41 st Avenue and 49 th Avenue in Vancouver. In addition, the City of Vancouver will be seeking your input into station precinct planning which addresses neighbourhood improvements including parking, traffic, and pedestrian and bike access.

When: Tuesday February 7, 2006

Time: 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Where: South Slope Family YMCA, 282 West 49 th Avenue

Vancouver This phase of consultation will have four steps. An initial series of public open houses will be followed by meetings with urban design panels from the Cities of Richmond and Vancouver. Input from the public open houses and the urban design panels will help guide further station design work undertaken by the Canada Line’s design teams. The results of this detailed design work will be presented to the public in a second round of open houses, followed by final presentations to the Development Permit Boards in Richmond and Vancouver.


June 18, 2004

TransLink Board votes NO on RAV Line!

The Friday June 18th TransLink Board meeting had 3 items on the Agenda that pertained to the RAV Line and to all Society members:

1) To accept the Provincial Government's offer of taking over the project -

defeated 8 to 4

2) To revisit moving forward to BAFO (best and final offer) for RAV with many components attached -

defeated 6 to 6

3) To review all corridors including Cambie and look at systems that are within TransLink's budget -

passed unanimously.

The Cambie Boulevard Heritage Society wishes to thank the TransLink Board members that voted not to support and therefore defeated the possibility of the RAV Line going forward at this time.

We wish to recognize that their decision was the right choice and that the concept of moving people from Vancouver to Richmond and to the Airport is an option that should be reviewed within the budget available and not under a stressed timeline. Completion of the Millennium Line and service to the Northeast must come first as per the GVRD's 'Livable Region Plan'.

A majority of TransLink Board members realized that potential cost over-runs, ridership shortfalls, mode of technology and entering into irreversible contractual agreements were just not options they felt comfortable with and could not support.

The Cambie Boulevard Heritage Society would like to recognize the efforts of the following people and ask motivated members to fax or email a note of thanks to these individuals. We greatly appreciative that these people acted in the best interests of not only GVRD citizens but also the best interest of citizens throughout the province.

Thank you to:

Mayor Derrick Corrigan
City Hall, 4949 Canada Way
Burnaby, B.C. V5G lM2
(F) 604-294-7724

Mayor Wayne Wright
City Hall, 511 Royal Avenue
New Westminster, B.C. V3LlH9
(F) 604-527-4594

Mayor Barbara Sharp
City Hall, 141 West 14 Street
North Vancouver, B.C. V7M lH9
(F) 604-990-4211

Mayor Don MacLean
Municipal Hall, 12007 Harris Road
Pitt Meadows, B.C. V3Y 2B5
(F) 604-465-2404

Councillor David Cadman
City Hall, 453 West 12 Avenue
Vancouver, B.C. V5Y 1V4
(F) 604-873-7750

Councillor Raymond Louie
City Hall, 453 West 12 Avenue
Vancouver, B.C. V5Y 1V4
(F) 604-873-7419


Press Release - May 7, 2004

RAV Demise "Finally, the TransLink Board woke up!"

Cambie Banner

The Cambie Boulevard Heritage Society was formed in 1989 in response to a proposal to run Skytrain down the Cambie Corridor. The Skytrain idea died in a stampede of public opposition soon after. In the late 1990's the idea of a destructive train down the Cambie Corridor crept from its fetid grave again, only to have a stake driven through its bloodthirsty heart again on May 7, 2004. The Cambie Society is thrilled with the 7 to 5 vote by the TransLink Board, which defeated the RAV Line. The Society has worked tirelessly and stood strong against this grotesque project from the onset. Our primary goal is to preserve the beauty of the boulevard and to agitate for financially responsible transit investment.

Maurizio Grande, President, is happy to report that he woke up all his neighbors in a Rome hotel today, "When I heard the news that the majority of TransLink Board of Directors regained their intelligence and good sense and killed the RAV project, aka "Project Over-Run", I ran down the hallway of my hotel screaming 'We won! We won! Grande notes, "This is truly a day of celebration. All citizens of the GVRD should be pleased that the TransLink Board finally listened to the will of the people. A good transportation plan is necessary for the region but not in the wrong corridor and not only in the interest of one transit technology and for the benefit of a few contractors and consultants."

The founder of the society Ethel Karmel declares, "This day will be one that stands in history. I thank the directors who voted against this dreadful project scheme and held firm to their convictions, however newly discovered."

In killing RAV, TransLink board instructed staff to take a second look at transit planning throughout the region, with an eye to meeting demand to Richmond and to the Northeast sector in some other ways. Lorraine Fralin, Board member, " No doubt that will include a fresh look at the Arbutus Corridor, that weed-chocked rail line that would be perfect for light rail." She continues to say, "I recognize that running a surface LRT on Cambie is not feasible, given the hill from the Cambie Bridge to 33rd Ave. That means we are back to a sensible choice of a B-Line bus on Cambie, and perhaps Arbutus, or a train on Arbutus, if the Olympics must have a toy for the tourists,"

The fight for sensible, honest and responsible transit planning will go on, and we will be part of it. In the meantime, we thank Vancouver City councilors and TransLink directors Cadman and Louis for their belated good sense and responsible decision making in turning down this corrupt and wasteful idea that was RAV. Everyone should rejoice! The TransLink Board woke up today and recognized that the RAV would be another fiasco. The costs are too high and the revenue projections were gross exaggerations. Thank you to the directors who saw the light at the end of the tunnel before the tunnel was built," Grande observes.

For more information, contact:
Maurizio Grande at: 604-649-0770

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